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Slowly but surely, we are making additions to our new site, Jumbo CD Investments[dot]Net

For today, we have rounded up some articles from around the net that can help you Maximize Your Interest Rates. Here are some summaries:

CD Investment Alternative — Peer-to-Peer lending: Peer-to-peer lending enables individuals to lend money to ordinary people seeking loans (usually unsecured) without the use of a financial intermediary, or middleman, such as a bank. The internet, with its inherent ability to enable masses of people to organize activities online, has been the prime factor in the growth of peer-to-peer lending in the U.S…

Did you know that IRAs can hold CDs (Certificates of Deposit): Although many brokers offer CDs for IRAs, the interest rates available are generally much lower than what you can find direct. You may have to do a little more searching and a little more work up front but you could earn $500 – $1000 more each year.

Direct IRA CDs also have other advantages. First, you are in complete control of the funds. The CD is opened up under your title and social security number. You are not just a numbered account at the bank. Secondly, some banks waive early withdrawal penalties on IRA CDs. As a result, if your “Best” rate is no longer the best, you may be able to move your funds to another IRA CD with a higher interest rate.

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  1. Francis Cox says:

    Finally, as of April 1, 2006, the FDIC (banks) and NCUA (credit unions) raised the insurance limit for IRAs to $250,000 per institution. Now you can put even more of your funds at the bank or credit union with the best rate. How can it get any better? Best Rate, Best Service, Flexibility, & Control.

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