Working with IRAs

Trying to deal with IRAs can be quite a headache. Here are a few articles that may make it a little easier.

Self-Directed IRA – Tips for Dealing with them — A Self-Directed IRA can be a great vehicle to increase your earnings for your IRA investments. However, there are a few things to consider. The basics of a self directed IRA are you set-up a custodian to hold your IRA assets, but unlike IRAs held by traditional brokers, you make the decisions as to what the assets are.

Top IRA CD Rates — The rates on the site are outdated but some of the suggestions for finding good rates are as good as ever. Summary: Did you know that IRAs can hold CDs (Certificates of Deposit)? If you are nearing retirement and are tired of fretting over your nest egg, your best and safest return may be with a federally insured bank (FDIC) or credit union (NCUA) CD.

I know the market gyrations are causing quite a bit of heartburn. But be very careful and do your best to not make fast, emotional decisions. For most people, you will want to hang on for now. However, as you make new investments carefully weigh your true risk tolerance. I’ve been having to do that myself. And frankly, it turns out I’m not very tolerant. Only you can answer that for yourself.

No one can tell you the perfect split for your IRA investments. Is it 70% stocks, 30% bonds, should it be 50%/50%, or greater one way or the other. Do you just invest in US stocks or do you look abroad? Do some searching, reading some blogs. Here are a couple that I like:
Oblivious Investor
Canadian Couch Potato

They also have links to sites they like. Do lots of reading, talk to people you trust, do lots of thinking, and then make some decisions on what to do with your IRA investments.

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