Velocity Credit Union – Bank Rates

Velocity Credit Union - Bank Rates

Velocity Credit Union has maintained very competitive CD Rates. They also have a new product they are introducing called Bank-free banking. Check out their site, It is a checking account that is devoid of fees. Being a credit union they are playing on the fact that they aren’t a bank.

Many credit unions have very restrictive membership groups. Velocity does not. You can join an association that they are tied to and join from anywhere.

For their CD Rates:, they have:
1 Year — 0.60%
18 Month — 0.60%
2 Year — 0.80%
30 Month — 0.80%
3 Year — 1.36%
4 Year — 1.51%
5 Year — 1.81%

You can also visit here for more bank CD rates.

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